Robert Neimeyer

Robert Neimeyer (USA) - Presentatie met live online sessie

Vrijdag 11 juni 2021 van 18:00 tot 21:30

  • 18u- 18.45u: Presentation
  • 18.45u: Pause
  • 19u - 20u: Live session
  • 20u - 20.10u: Pause
  • 20.10u - 21.20u: Process Session - Reflecting teams
  • 20.20u - 21.30: Closing thoughts

In the Shadow of Grief: Loss and the Quest for Meaning

When our dreams and hopes are shattered by complex loss, we seek a new path forward through an alien landscape shadowed by grief.

In this workshop psychologist Robert Neimeyer briefly sketches a meaning reconstruction approach to grief therapy that attends to two central challenges in bereavement: the effort to process the story of the loss and its significance for our ongoing lives, and the attempt to access the back story of our relationship to the deceased to rework our bonds of attachment to their “presence within absence.” Collaborating with clients at this intimately emotional and existential level often requires reaching beyond public language to work with metaphoric and somatic meanings that are deeply private, but also intricately social in how they are voiced, held silently, or re-negotiated within couples, families and other close relationships.

A special feature of this training will be a live session between Neimeyer and a young mother bravely seeking to reclaim life in the shadow of a multifaceted perinatal loss, with participants having the opportunity not only to process the session with Neimeyer, the client, and An Hooghe, the client’s ongoing therapist, but also to serve as members of small reflecting teams whose goal will be to offer generative and appreciative feedback to all participants, including the client. The training will conclude with all participants having an opportunity to engage in a lively interchange with Neimeyer and Hooghe about the process of meaning reconstruction in the context of deeply unwelcome life transitions.

Learning objectives:

  • Summarize key principles of meaning reconstruction in grief therapy
  • Distinguish the roles of presence, process and procedure in grief therapy
  • Describe 3 techniques for addressing the shadow of grief following tragic loss
  • Analyze a live session of grief therapy as a meaning-making process

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