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Certification Overview

Interested in pursuing Certification in Meaning Reconstruction in Loss through the Portland Institute?  You may already have made substantial progress toward this goal by claiming credits you have completed in the last 3 years.*  Use this handy checklist to see where you stand in the 55-hour curriculum.

Onsite Components

Core courses [18 hours total]

☐  1.  Grief and its Complications [6 hours]

☐  2.  Grief Therapy as Meaning Reconstruction: 

Processing the Event Story of the Death [6 hours]

☐  3.  Grief Therapy as Meaning Reconstruction:

       Accessing the Back Story of Relationship [6 hours]

Note:  Participants in the 2016 Leuven workshop series with Robert Neimeyer, PhD, sponsored by Context can claim credit for both Courses 2 & 3 above.  The 2019 Context workshop also counts for a core course, potentially completing this requirement for many.

Techniques modules [9 hours total]

Six 90-minute Techniques modules.

☐  Module 1

☐  Module 2     

☐  Module 3

☐  Module 4

☐  Module 5

☐  Module 6

Note:  Participants in the February 2019 Leuven series by Robert Neimeyer, PhD, can claim 2 Techniques credits each for workshops sponsored by Context  (20/02) and Verbinding in Verlies (21-22/02), thereby fully completing this requirement.

Case Study modules [4 hours total]

Two Case Study modules .

☐  Case Study 1

☐  Case Study 2            

Note:  Participants in the February 2019 Leuven series by Robert Neimeyer, PhD, can claim 2 Case Study credits for workshops sponsored by Verbinding in Verlies (21-22/02), thereby fully completing this requirement.

Practicum modules [6 hours]

Complete a minimum of four 90-minute Practicum/Supervision modules”

☐  Practicum Module 1

☐  Practicum Module 2            

☐  Practicum Module 3

☐  Practicum Module 4            

Note:  Participants in the February 2019 Leuven series by Robert Neimeyer, PhD, and his colleagues can claim 2 Practicum credits for the workshop sponsored by Verbinding in Verlies (23/02).

Online Components

Orientation to Meaning Reconstruction [12 hours total]

Read assigned chapters in the popular book, Techniques of Grief Therapy:  Creative Practices for Counseling the Bereaved, and write 4 brief reflection papers on the concepts and techniques that are most relevant to your practice.  A PI faculty member will then offer a response to each paper to deepen the dialogue.

☐  Orientation module [with 4 brief assignments]

Mentoring modules [hours total]

Consult with the Faculty Mentor of your choice from the Portland Institute web site in three hour-long Mentoring modules on topics of your choice, from specific techniques through case consultation to career advice and personal perspectives.  Meet at a mutually convenient time via videoconference or phone, at your preference.

☐  Mentoring module 1

☐  Mentoring module 2           

☐  Mentoring module 3

Session Evaluation [3 hours total]

As a final opportunity to demonstrate your basic competence in a meaning reconstruction approach to grief therapy, you will submit a 1-hour video of an actual or role-played session along with a transcript of the interaction for PI faculty feedback.  This step follows completion of all other modules, which can be completed in any order the learner finds convenient.

☐  Session Evaluation


For more information simply consult the Training/Certification page of the Portland Institute website:  www.portlandinstitute.org

*Registering Optional Workshop Credit

To claim optional credit for previous workshops taught by Robert Neimeyer, PhD, or other approved PI faculty, simply navigate to the Training/Certification page of the PI site, and follow the simple instructions at the top in the convenient pdf download.

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